His Story: Jorge Suarez

Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

My name is Jorge Suarez and I’m 22 years old. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and I’m also a twin brother. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia but I lived most of my life in the United States. Last year I married the love of my life (Corinth) so I moved from Maryland, USA to the Yukon, Canada to live with her. I discovered my love for videography during my last year in high school and it's what sparked my desire to get into photography as well. Over the years, I've documented my life mostly on Instagram and it is where Corinth and I shared our love story from the time we started dating (#chasingmiamor) to where we are now (#alwaysmiamor). Landscape photography has grown on me and although it's not the only type of photography I wish to do, I hope I can continue capturing landscapes from all parts of the world.

What made you decide to give photography a go?

I took a film class during my senior year of high school and in that time, I developed a love for cinematography. I first started shooting wedding videos for some extra money. It was around that time that DSLRs became the go-to cameras for wedding video because of the cinematic look that you could achieve with them, so they were the cameras I used. Being exposed to videography with a camera predominantly designed for photography was like killing two birds with one stone. When I realized that I understood how to manually expose and frame a shot for video and it could also be applied to photography, that’s when I decided to give photography a go.

What do you value most in life?

My family and closest friends since they have been with me from the beginning and through the good times and bad. My mom, although she had to raise my brother and I on her own, has always been there for me and I’m thankful that she was able to instill in me the godly values that I strongly hold unto now. And my wife, she’s my other half and I would do anything to protect her.

Do you have any unusual quirks or habits?

I have a habit of smelling everything. Sometimes I do it without even noticing and Corinth catches me and says, “Why do you smell everything!?” Haha!

What is your favourite quote or saying about love that keeps you going in life?

“Love is patient” from 1 Corinthians 13. It wasn’t until I got married that I realized how important patience really is. When my wife does something that bothers me very much, having patience prevents things from getting blown out of proportion - from getting upset at each other to perhaps even hurting each other through saying things out of anger. Patience is something we all should exercise as much as possible in our daily lives because love is patient.

Do you have any favourite location to shoot at in the Yukon?

My favorite location to shoot at is Miles Canyon. It’s where Corinth and I got married and it’s just a very photogenic place. When you first see the color of the water and the beauty of the volcanic rocks, your mind just can’t believe this is a real place!

If you could have mentorship program with one of the greatest photographers in the world, who would you choose to be your mentor and why?

I would love to learn from Joey Lawrence. I’ve been following his work for several years now and I just love how at such a young age, he’s been able to take his skills to another level. Joey L. does work for some of the biggest campaigns, companies and people in the world so it would be an incredible experience to be able to learn from someone who has experience in doing all kinds of shoots.

We noticed that your Instagram contains scenic images of the Yukon wilderness. How do you manage to get shots like this?

Most of the photos I post on Instagram have been from little explorations that Corinth and I go on or just me going out alone for a walk and stumbling upon a beautiful spot. This picture looks like it was taken from the air but I was actually just standing at the top of a steep hill.

What is your current go-to equipment when you photograph?

At the moment, I shoot with my iPhone 6 and with a Canon 7D. I like to use the Canon 7D mostly for landscapes and being able to get closer in on mountain tops and things I just can't capture as well with my iPhone. I also use the DSLR when I do mini photoshoots for Corinth since it allows me to have more control over things like depth of field, focal length and the overall look I am going for.


You found her through browsing the hashtag #sky on Instagram. There are millions of posts under that hashtag! What made her particular photograph special?

I remember I would always go on the #sky hashtag to like pictures that I found pretty. I don’t know why Corinth’s photo grabbed my attention more than others. Not only did I like her sky photo, but I also proceeded to look around her Instagram profile after it.

Do you think that fate brought you guys together?

The chances of Corinth and I meeting the way we did are so slim that I can’t even comprehend it. Every second so many photos are tagged to the #sky hashtag so for me to see her photo, I had to have been on the hashtag as soon as she tagged her picture or else it would get lost below all the other photos. Ultimately, I know it was God’s will that Corinth and I were brought together.

What was your first comment on her Instagram posts?

I remember liking the clothes she wore and it was different than what I was used to seeing, I’m not sure why haha. The first comment I left on her Instagram was on a picture of a pair of her boots. I said, “Nice boots!”

How were you feeling when you decided to Kik message her? What were some thoughts that ran through your mind when she replied?

I honestly didn’t expect for her to respond because I knew she was older than me but I still hoped she did because she seemed like someone I could talk to and have interesting conversations with. When she first responded to me, I was just happy and I became very cautious as to what I would write every time I responded to her messages because I didn’t want to scare her away. Haha!

When did you fall completely head over heels for her?

I really liked Corinth but it wasn’t until I began to see that she really cared about me even if we lived so far apart. Before we became a couple, she still cared deeply about me as a friend and that really made me like her on a deeper level. She wasn’t like anyone I had ever met before and that’s what made her so special to me.

Describe each of your personalities in the relationship!

Corinth is the doer, she’s an independent person. She takes initiative to finish the things that need to get done right away and she’s responsible with the work that is set before her. Whether it’s her work, her blog, cleaning, adult duties and anything else that she’s required to do, she gets it done responsibly, on time and to her best capability.

As for myself, I’m the optimist and the one who sees the bright future ahead. Believing it is not always easy but I think it’s important to have that outlook in life or it’s easy to begin to doubt and have no hope that life gets better even in hard times. I find it my duty to encourage courage Corinth in the good and the bad times.

Corinth said she is the “Mr Grumpy” in the relationship, which was really surprising to us. What are some cheesy things you do to make her happy?

She has her grumpy moments and I completely understand because I have my moments as well. I usually just make sure that if I did anything to make her feel bad in any way that I apologize and do my best to fix it. I don’t like it when we aren't on best terms with each other so I try to fix it even if it means just giving her some space for a little while or kissing her 1000 times until she’s happy again. Haha.

Once again, we were surprised to learn that Corinth was first to drop the L-word as it’s pretty uncommon for the girl to initiate! Why didn’t you say it first?

I knew Corinth was older than me and I didn’t know exactly how Corinth felt about me at this point. When she told me she loved me I didn’t even hesitate to say it back because I knew I loved her too. In a way, I didn’t say it first because I didn’t want to scare her away if after all, our feelings towards each other were not mutual. I’m glad she said it first because it was pretty much the GO signal!

Since you live in the United States and she lived in Yukon, how did you make the long distance relationship work?

Our long distance relationship was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever done since it’s something that requires a lot of effort from both parties to make it work. At times it became really hard and I struggled with doubt and helplessness, especially when we didn’t know how and when we would meet in person. It’s important to stay connected and communicate as much as you can. Thankfully our time difference was only 3 hours so were able to talk all the time without it really conflicting with our daily schedules. It was also important to not only text but to get to see each other even if it was through selfies or Skype video calls. Communication is key.

I still knew that Corinth was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with so we just had to have faith that things would work out even if we couldn’t see what the future looked like for us yet.

Tell us why and how did you came up with the hashtag #chasingmiamor!

We just wanted a tag that we could use to document our relationship as it played out. ‘Mi Amor’ is Spanish for ‘My Love’ so ChasingMyLove was a reminder of our long distance relationship and our relentlessness to want to end the chase and finally be together for good. 

We have read Corinth perspective of the proposal. Could you tell us your perspective of it?

Corinth and I met up in Toronto, Canada so that she could meet my family for the first time. Up to that point, we had only spent a total of 25 days together out of 15 months of dating. So the fact that we would be in Toronto and visiting Niagara Falls, it just made it the perfect opportunity to propose.  I spent a lot of time planning it out to make sure it would be very special and memorable for Corinth. It also happened to be Corinth’s birthday so to top it all off, we ended our unforgettable day with dinner at The Keg Steakhouse with a beautiful view of Niagara Falls at night. It was such a dreamy and perfect day, we’ll never forget it.

Here is a more detailed post of my perspective. 

What was the best moment in your relationship and married life so far?

The moment we both said, “I do” and got married at Miles Canyon last year. It was the end of a long distance relationship and a beginning of a new chapter in life together. Doing life next to Corinth gets better and better every day! Our #jumpforjoy photo portrays it perfectly!

What are 5 things you love about your beautiful wife, Corinth?

  1.  I love that Corinth and I are both followers of Jesus Christ and share the same beliefs.
  2. I love Corinth’s personality and sense of humor. We match up well in that area which I think is important in a relationship.
  3.  I love Corinth’s beauty, inside and out. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes.
  4. I love Corinth’s creative side. She’s a blogger, photographer, musician and most recently an aspiring makeup artist. Haha.
  5.  I love Corinth’s willingness to be the best wife she can possibly be. Not only is she an amazing wife but I have no doubt that when the time comes, Corinth will be the best mother to our children.

Since both of you found love on Instagram, would you advise and encourage people to do the same?

We live in a digital age so it is a lot more common for people to meet online first before actually meeting in person. Obviously, everyone should be cautious about who they meet online because you can never be completely sure about people’s intentions. But, finding love online is possible and I’m an example of it along with many other couples who began their love story through the internet.

We know that your wife, Corinth will be reading this. Do you have any message specially dedicated to her?

I love surprising you and I hope this interview surprises you because I’ve been working on answering these questions on your laptop without you knowing! I’m so happy and thankful to be able to do life next to you and I’m so excited to what the future holds for us. I love you so much and in the meantime, let’s keep exploring the Yukon as much as we can. :)